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Videos and notes

Shawn Whiting on Rec Room

Notes from the video 31/3/21

Interview with Shawn Whiting

Huge amount of Gen Z who are at middle school on REC Room, and 10 fold increase because of lockdown (Covid)

Creative classes — how to build on REC Room — https://recroom.com/creative

REC Room is not just VR, its cross platform, and can be viewed across Iphone/ipad, Oculus / Steam, PC and Mobile (currently not android)

Market Pen is one of the main creative tools in REC Room

Social VR is the key to this entire world, people follow creators, if they like a room they have created, they will follow, coders who create interesting things are hailed as celebs (coding circuits in REC Room for example)

Community created REC Rooms are more popular now than ‘official’ spaces, these spaces engage and are most used, so this proves this space is really built by the community — GEN Z

REC Room also has its own currency, and ability to in-game purchase, across platforms and devices — meaning this is the next Roblox

You can publish rooms as a content creator across all platforms, and has a user base, of Gen Z — already 6 figure creators on the site.

Immersed in Restoration: With Guest Speakers Glen Fraser, John Harrison and Jacki Morie

The Rise of Real-Time Digital Humans | The Pulse | Unreal Engine

Sir Philip Pullman | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union


The Global Impact and Roles of Immersive Media — A double-panel discussion by the book’s authors

Viewing Notes (31/3/21)

SIGGRAPH LA CHAPTER — https://twitter.com/siggraphla

Early human digitisation — archive humans, each technological leap, create a digital version of yourself and store.

Persona Form — rendered into life, the visual story of the creator, told via a digital version of themselves.

Audiences are now coming in as avatars and being part of the scene — so how do creatives react to this for story telling?

Taxonomy — Environment in virtual spaces becomes the Character — the fortnite Island for example? a Sandbox…. Tatooine

The book / thesis needs to be experienced

Avatarism discussed at length — I then posted about this in Immersive arts lab by Future Artists, which led to the following discussions


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Gregory Panos ENTIRE RESEARCH — on Flip Board — HUGE RESOURCE — SPEND SOME TIME WITH THIS — https://flipboard.com/@arsourcebook/avatarism-fn8vp0hgz


DIY your own VTuber application like Codemiko, Ai Angel, & Projekt Melody



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