Mark Ashmore Confirmation Presentation


1 — Short introduction to how this presentation will work, using a combination of Microsoft Teams, Blog and Video presentation (2 minutes)

2 — Presentation Film — 28 Minutes (Please ensure sound on and use full screen mode)

Presentation Film Topics

a — Generation Z — Meet the tribe

b — Role of social media and Generation Z and its evolution to web3 and metaverse technology and the role of music within this transformation

c — Virtual performance spaces and the research in this field

d — Role of Netnography as my methodology of choice

Graphics used in the presentation and link to script and further research links can be found here for post presentation viewing.

Thesis Outline (Draft 2–8/8/21)

Click Here

Additional material

Introduction to the Practical Experiments

  1. Recap — XR + Technology’s influence on the music industry is seeing a new Generation (Gen Z) interact with musicians in new ways — and in the age of consumer as creator in the age of influence, how is this being done, what tools are being used, what form can it take and why is it being done in this way — and what can we learn about the affect on the music industry by understanding this process.

Virtual DJ — Creating the metaverse persona

Creating a virtual avatar and then going to work as a Virtual DJ on Twitch or Roblox / VR Chat

Digital Avatar representing Mark Ashmore — for a Virtual DJ (Work in Progress)

Lab 9 experimental ‘MetaHuman’ by Unreal Engine — real time performance capture — possible use for Virtual DJ Prototype?

The Space and the Virtual Community — Creating a Virtual Gig

Virtual DJ on tour in Virtual worlds —

Roblox, Fortnite, Twitch, — social media broadcast and performance — Details coming soon — but a strong visual is here

E-Commerce Content and NFT’s — Virtual DJs, playing Virtual Gigs and making a living in the Metaverse

Mark Ashmore and Jackie Morie Experiment NFT Drop — Project Details here

Details of work published to date

Conferences Presented at

Subject: Theatre Conference JAMU 2021

Dear colleague,

We are delighted to inform you that your abstract has been accepted for participation in the International Theatre Conference JAMU held by the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, Brno, Czech Republic. The conference will run from 25th to 27th November 2021.

Journal Publication

Under Review —

Jul 27, 2021

Ref.: Ms. No. RPDM-2021–0019
When theatre meets the metaverse: an academic, reflective, and creative study on live theatre and performance in virtual reality.
International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media

Dear Mark Ashmore

Reviewers have now commented on your paper. You will see that they are advising that you revise your manuscript. If you are prepared to undertake the work required, I would be pleased to review a revision.

For your guidance, reviewers’ comments are appended below.

If you decide to revise the work, please submit a list of changes or a rebuttal against each point which is being raised when you submit the revised manuscript.

Your revision is due by Aug 26, 2021.

In Production

Journal Paper on NFT Technology and Content distribution — Co-written with DR Jacqueline Morie. Details on the project here

Academic Poster

Copyright Mark Ashmore 2021

Teaching and Workshops created to share knowledge

Immersive Arts Lab 8 —

Immersive Arts Lab 9 —

Further Reading



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Mark Ashmore

Mark Ashmore


Mark Ashmore is a Ph.D Researcher at LJMU and founder of Future Artists - He writes about Computer Science, the Arts and Entertainment - He is also Dyslexic